Q: Who is Theocrates?

A: Theocrates was a man who lived on a far away planet known to its inhabitants as Terexia. 

Q: Where is Terexia?

A: Terexia is in a far off galaxy.  Terexia is not in the Milky Way Galaxy that we live in!

Q: Where is the Crystal Cavern?

A: The Crystal Cavern is a deep cave-like structure deep beneath the surface of Terexia. 

Q: Why had no one been to the Crystal Cavern in over seventy years?

A: secrets were hidden in the Crystal Cavern over seventy years ago in the hopes of hiding the reason that a holocaust of deaths occured.  There was a civil war of sorts and many Terexians left their home by any means possible.   Even more Terexians were killed.  There's so much more to this but I'd rather not give it all away since some of this will be coming in sequels to this book!

Q: Did people from Terexia visit Earth before this book?

A: Very insightful question!  YES!  they have visited Earth many times throughout history.  Many who left there homes came here to stay.

Q: If that's the case, why don't we know about them?

A: They chose to not share their secret because they did not want to be treated differently.